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Things Hyped I never Got Started

This page showcases 'things' others and I have started//completed. It will consist of anything from buying a pair of shoes to pursuing a dream of blogging. [That's all that's been started, but don't worry once you submit the thing you've started, there will be more] Always remember there is nothing too big or too little to start. It just begins with a simple yes, a bit of faith, and a lot of motivation//perseverance

;oh, and knowing YOU CAN DO IT!  

Nothing is impossible, so shall we get started?


One:The vans

Ever since high school, I always wanted to purchase Vans shoes. I rocked Ked's instead because they were cheaper. (Hope that answered your question regarding why I didn't just go and buy them.)  Money back then was tight. It still can be. So, It's been low on my priority list. But all these years have gone by and I have quietly envied girls who wear them. But, after listening to the TED talk [if you are wondering what TED talk, then you need to get back on the main THINGS page and watch the video] and coming up with the concept THINGS, I thought enough was enough. 


So, I bought them. And I love them. And I still can afford my bills! So... are there shoes you've wanted to buy? Maybe a sweater, pants, dress, jewelry? What is it? Prioritize your budget and go do it, then send it over so we can post it! 

Two: the blog


I had a blog for just a little over two years now with (I switched for reasons you can ask me personally) The blog was nothing fancy, nothing kept up. I didn't put my all into it. I was busy, I was traveling, I couldn't sit still long enough to write. I was proud of some posts, but mostly I doubted. Although I was a communications major and graduated with magna cum laude, I have always had a problem with reading + comprehension. This conflicts with my writing//vocabulary//grammar. I hate telling you this. Why? Because it is embarrassing.


I've always dreamt of being a writer, and a good one too. I love clever stories, great use of vocabulary, that I end up looking up, and a hook ending. Are you beginning to predict the end of this post? Maybe you are thinking I will continue the next sentence with: Since I have a problem with reading + comprehension I've accepted my dream to never come into fruition and have moved on to be a baker [I don't even like baking, well, when it rains I do]. HA. I am most definitely not about to conclude this with that. I am concluding with some hope, you sympathetic sap. I am concluding with the joy of my beginning. The excitement and pride I have about this website. It's beautiful, it's creative, and it's a work in progress. But aren't most things? Aren't we always progressing, learning, and trying? So, this is my number two. I've had a lot of free time since my travels and so I did it. I started a real blog. I started on an awesome journey and I'm ready for what's to come.

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