Is age just a number? 


I'm  hard on myself. Especially for being 25 and not ---- I'll spare you the list. I didn't notice how often I ask people their age until this past weekend . It may not be normal to ask age before occupation, but what is normal today? Maybe I do this to see if I’m the only 25 year old not fully immersed in my passion. On the outside I smile and champion them in whatever it is they are doing with their life- it's sincere I promise. On the inside I battle my subconscious thoughts. “Why aren’t you at that level? Why are you still at home?” “ I haven’t always lived at home. I wasn’t always working a blah job.” I am listening on the outside as I try to ignore the loud war within.

Two of the people I was with this weekend noticed that I was very curious about everyones age. Both of them are older than me and both of them are married. Both of them live different lives and both have a list, like myself, of things they wished by their age they would be doing or have already done. One of them is only 5 months older than me. When I look at their lives I would have never thought there’d be a list. Sure, things aren’t perfect in their lives, but a list as long as mine?

One of my friends said something that might have shifted my perspective of age- forever. Maybe we had thought we were ready for whatever it is we had wanted to already do, but we weren't. And maybe we aren’t now. And maybe we won't be for years to come. God knows the right timing because He knows us best. 

I had no comeback. It was simple, straight and real. Something I'm sure I've heard before, but had never sunk deep until that moment.

“Would you be okay if you weren't married by 30? Would you be okay if your music never took off when and if you fully pursued it?” -They challenged me. The questions kept rolling and I got it. But just because I understood the point didn't mean I sat there and told them I could accept all those things and would go on laughing my way through life. It was a hard conversation. But it was truth filled and I only have ever looked at truth as freedom.

Isaiah 48:17 NIV:

“This is what the Lord says- your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.”

God knows the correct time for our desired dreams. Take the risks and let faith stir because we do need to work hard at them. We can’t always wait around for the right time. Learn to listen and lean on Him because what if you let go today and let God know what is best for you? Maybe you’d save some time beating yourself up and comparing yourself to others. He knows- even when it’s not easy to accept, He knows.

Until next time...