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I used to dream of becoming a cosmetologist. I would cut barbie’s hair, the cat's hair, my own hair- which turned horrific. I would pretend I was conversing with clients while I created some sort of art with their dead hair particles. It was beautiful. 

Then high school happened and all my dreams changed. Music became the ultimate passion. I didn't care about straightening my hair “perfectly" anymore. All I wanted to do was become a rockstar. Let the fro out was my motto. I almost got dreads- I'm glad I didn't. Although I changed course of passion, hair + skin + health have always remained a hidden interest of mine. One I don't think I will ever loose interest in.

I've finished high school since and even have a bachelor's degree, but I'm no beauty expert. I do, however get my hair done (not as often as I'm supposed to) and I do ask way to many questions than one client should. But, my hair dresser loves me.

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Last week was finally the day I had time to get my hair cut after a year and a few months of damaging it. I only ever go to one hair dresser. Even if I am traveling, like I was, I will wait. I don’t care how long, only Jennifer Simpson is allowed to touch my hair. She knows me, my hair, and how to make the entire experience worth every penny + mile driven. I've had way too many traumatic hair experiences to risk allowing someone else to try and tame my mane. 

Since I last saw her she left her old salon and started her own business on August 17, 2017. I was stoked to see what the hype was about.

When I walked through the door I immediately relaxed. I had driven 2 1/2 hours through a strange spring blizzard and stop and go "light" providence traffic during the last 45 minute stretch. If you know RI at all, you know afternoon traffic into providence is lovely. - That was sarcasm if you don’t follow sarcasm.

Soothing music bounced off the cream colored walls. My rumbling tummy was happy as I reached for a complimentary Kind Bar and washed it with warm tea. It felt like home.  

Whole You Beauty Studio is the name she gave it. We are all beautiful no matter the difference in hair, skin, or body type. We all deserve to feel and know that beauty inside + out.

Although it isn’t my dream anymore to be a cosmetologist, it is incredible to see someone else living their dream. If you have a dream don’t give up on achieving it. Anything is possible if you work hard, persist during rough moments, and believe you can. 

Until next time…

Visit Whole You Beauty Studio: www.wholeyouprovidence.com // Jennifer Simpson

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT! You will not be disappointed- especially if you have curly fine hair.

Location: 444 Angell Street, Providence, RI 02906 // Number: 401-830-2422

Instagram: @wholeyoubeauty

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