I’ve always been a networker. Maybe even before I knew what that word meant. I love sitting and discussing new ideas, hearing old ideas and secretly conjuring up strategies for a person as they finish off their last sentence describing whatever vision they have. It’s like a machine in my head. The conveyor belt begins- sometimes without my consent. The moment I hear “I have a vision” I picture everything- colors, timelines, budgets- well, maybe not budgets, that’s on them- or I at least think of someone who could play a role in giving them money advice. And the biggest file in my brain is all the people in the past I’ve met that could help make this person’s idea live and tangible. I can’t stop it. It happens so quickly and I actually love it. It’s amazing when I see my conveyor belt ideas executed. When the people I had once connected meet up and take action. The wonder of why I met such a random human being is over. I truly believe sometimes the sole purpose of connecting with people is to connect them with other people.

It’s a cool thing, but sometimes not always a walk in the park.

Meeting people to intentionally network takes time, effort, and persistence. But again, I get an excitement over it. People are so freaking fascinating. They challenge us, teach us, and show us things we never knew existed. They introduce us to other people that start the challenge and teaching cycle over again. Sure, they can hurt us and break our hearts, but that will be inevitable- forever. When we accept and move passed that we can meet some incredible souls. Some that could change the course of our lives- for the better. You never know what stepping out and introducing yourself to one person could lead to.

It’s worth it. It’s thrilling. It’s networking.

Until next time...

Hannah DawberComment