Music Evokes Emotion


When the world around me won't hear my loud, "SHUT UP" I divert to melody filled headphones. The moment they are placed in my ears, I breathe. The rhythm acknowledges my desire for everything to be quiet. It eases my eyes to shut, focus my mind on the placement of my feet and helps me shake off the unnecessary lingering blah soaked in my pores. Music evokes some of my most intense emotions. It invites me to be raw and offer relief to the waterfall inching its way to its descent. I can let go without forgetting the reason I first put the headphones on. And when I take them off, the tune carries silently and my "shut up" shuts up and I can walk on. 

Here are some tunes that have been soothing my soul lately

Rest by Simon Wester (Instrumental)

Phase One by Gabriel Parker (Instrumental)

Transfiguration- Live by Hillsong Worship

Tremble by Mosaic

Columbia RD by August Wilhelmsson (Instrumental//found on Spotify)

What A Beautiful Name- Orchestral Selah, Hillsong Worship (Instrumental)

Undivided by Amanda Cook Stu Garrard- Beatitudes (found on Spotify)

My Eyes Have Seen the King by Seth Yates, YWAM Kona Prayer Room

The Day That I Found God by Switchfoot

Kia Kaha by Link

Medicine by Havelin

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury but the Verlon Baker, Amanda Guillory version

And then basically anything off of Spotify playlist: Deep Focus or Calm Vibes (Both instrumentals) and a ton more songs.

What soothes your soul, pulls you in and helps you simply, be?

Until next time... enjoy the tunes.

Hannah DawberComment