Goodbye 2017

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I have a "type A" personality. I love goal making, list keeping, and filling my calendar with a lot of "to dos". Basically, I love staying busy and organized. Anyone else with me? I was stoked to buy my new 2018 planner and have already filled it to the beginning of March.🤦

While having goals and lists are great and helpful for me, I recently recognized how often I define my value by my accomplishments and the goals I've met. When should anything I do define my worth and purpose? 


As this new year begins I want to remember that what I do doesn't make me the person I am, but rather I am able to do the things I do because of who I am. Because of God's grace and love I am who I am. 

I think we would accomplish more if we thought less about our lists and goals and more about how valued we are. Maybe the unnecessary pressure to do more would subside.

As you step into this new year know that it's okay you that you didn't finish or even start everything you planned or felt you needed to accomplish. Tomorrow is a new year, a new day to begin. You are loved and you have plenty of time.  

Happy 2018.

Until next time...

Until next time...

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