Enjoy Where You Are



It's easy for my thoughts to be occupied by my future plans. I can be physically present with five people but mentally sorting the next hour to 30 days from now. I'm a planner, although Procrastination could legally be changed to my middle name, it makes no sense. I am always thinking ahead, all the time.


Yesterday I saw this mural in the middle of an outdoor mall area I've shopped at over a dozen times. I couldn't believe it when I saw this beautiful painting. Why hadn't I seen it before? Maybe in past visits, I was caught up in the next purchase or hopefully, I was occupied by laughter. I assume I was probably stuck focusing on the next errand I had to run and never took a moment to enjoy the outdoor walk around the beautiful shopping center.




It's sad; my minutes are often stolen by thoughts of non-existent, predicted scenarios. I don't want to live this way forever. I would rather fight this habit young, so I can find the enjoyment of the now. The truth is, I will never know what will happen in the next hour, so why am I letting my thoughts steal the excitement I could experience now?


Don't mistake this blog as a rebuttal against planning, take it as a reminder to appreciate the moments you are in. You've already checked the calendar for the fifth time today, it's time to be where you are and enjoy it.





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Recommended song: Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez

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