My friend straight up told me last night I overthink my musical gift too much. I'm glad he did, because he was right.

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But why do I do this?

Hundreds of people over the years have encouraged me and lead me to pursue this gift. There shouldn't even be an ounce of doubt when I sit to write, play, or sing.


But there is.


Maybe I am I afraid of judgment or maybe I'm stuck in a rut of perfectionism. Maybe I fear the rejection of others if I step out of societal norms or maybe it's a mixture of all of these plus more.

[I think it really depends on the day.]

If I keep letting this overthinking win I will become stagnant. I will withhold from opportunity, I will most likely never achieve my potential, and I will probably subconsciously feel there is something missing from my life.                                              

But, if I utilize the gift regardless of these vicious mind swirls, I have found that things play out a lot smoother than I initially predicted they would. I mean the thoughts are usually only made up scenarios and concepts right?


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My friend forgot to point out all the other things I overthink. It honestly is probably better that he kept it to just one or I might have begun to overthink my overthinking. Ugh. I could write out a long list for you if you really wanted to hear all the stupid things that I think up in my head. It’s ridiculous.

Although I sometimes keep my mind busy on unnecessary thoughts, I am learning that it is far more worth my time to just do whatever it is I’m over thinking. It’s not worth another second on contemplating the what ifs or the why didn't I ever just try. I’ve spent too many years doing that and I’m thinking it’s time to stop.

So, my question to you is: what are you over thinking?

What is it holding you back from pursuing something you desire to do? You were created to achieve, not to just sit and watch others experience joy from their success. You are the only you in this world, so I guarantee other people could benefit from whatever it is you have to offer or want to do. So please do me a favor and stop thinking so much and start pursuing whatever it is. It will be scary and maybe uncomfortable at times, but I promise if it's where you are supposed to be, doing what you love, it will be worth it all.

Until next time…

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