A love, even death will not break

Yesterday I went and visited my grandfather. I am always filled with joy and excitement when I see him because he tells me all these awesome stories. Each one usually includes a bit of history, that if remembered, would make me sound a lot more intelligent; but I blame the loss of facts on the laughter and let's not talk about the pounds I probably gain from the ice cream we scarf down too. Yesterday it was pumpkin spice pudding, not as bad, right? 


My grandfather has always been creative, and lately he has been drawing past scenarios and writing old dialogues he had with loved ones. Honestly anything he says is fascinating to me, unless it's his questions about why I'm not married, those are just annoying reminders. My favorite part about yesterday wasn't the dessert or history lesson, it was what he wrote in his sketch pad the moment we got to his room. Grampy sat down, grabbed a blue colored pencil and started writing out a dialogue he once had between him and his bride. I crafted a scenario in my head of what the setting might have been as I watched him script each word.

Setting: 1949, Washburn Maine. Maybe the air is bitter and icy, or maybe it's humid and sticky. I couldn't decide. Otis pulls up to Glennis' barn to pick her up for a night out. The engine turns off, he  opens the door, spots Glennis talking to Jazz, and smiles. He walks a few steps close enough so she could hear.


"Dear Glennis, do you know that I love you more than I love your horse!?"

( Pause, I know he wrote Dear Glennis, which is an unusual way to greet a person standing in front of you, but I wanted to write out the original letter he wrote because it was cute. Oh! and I added anything not with quotes. Okay no more interruptions, don't want to lose my audience...)

Glennis turned towards the voice and yelled,
"What? You've got to love Jazz!" 

"Why? How? When?" Otis shouted back.

Glennis smirked and began walking towards Otis.
"Because Jazz likes me." She said softly.

"Must I compete with a horse?" Otis begins to walk towards her too

"Of course!" She says grabbing his hand.

"Why?" Otis smiled.

"Because I love you!" Glennis steals a kiss.

My Grampy ended his writing with,
"Sincerely Glennis."

I think he got mixed up on who the author was.

By the time Grampy was done and had read it for us all, I was smiling with tear filled eyes. I could picture my Mimi and him together again. I felt their sincerity, I felt their joy, and I felt their love. A love, even death will never break.

Until next time...

Dedicated to Glennis Silver Russell 1.17.32-10.10.16 <3

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