Hey everyone! My name is Sarah from @anchoroflove & I’m so excited to be a part of Hannah’s blog! Hannah is so sweet, friendly and is always lifting others up. I hope that God will speak to you through this post today and that you can go into the world, living out your dreams for Christ.



We all have dreams, desires, and passions. We have those days where our imagination and reality combine. They create outrageous thoughts so incredible they seem unbelievable. They are our dreams.

Yes, dreams.

There are two types of dreams- the one that is easy to accomplish. It is handed right to you or it may take a little time to become reality, but it happens quick. The other type is a dream that can only be fulfilled by God Himself.

A God-given dream is one that takes dedication even when the going gets hard. It’s a dream where you’ll be called crazy. It’s where you have to trust that you can stand on the water in the waviest and craziest of storms. It’s a dream that tests your faith, rather than your budget, a dream that takes patience when the waiting seems long and hard. It’s a dream where you can be hopeful even with the lightning that tries to strike you down.

A God-given dream is a dream that you face with fearless eyes and a pounding heart. It’s a dream where the chains of fear turn into chain reactions of love. It’s a dream where you’re dared to give up and give in, to quit or to stop trying. But despite the waves and the storms, the discouragement and the failures, it’s a dream where waves are turned into magnificent waterfalls. It’s where an idea comes to life, not just for yourself, but to change the lives of others. It’s where you use your passions to glorify the name of God, and not your own.


In a God-given dream, what this world deems as impossible becomes possible and what seemed like a journey unreachable is a journey that rests in the arms of God Himself. A God-given dream is one filled with obstacles and giants to try and stumble you, but knowing that you’ve got a God within you bigger than the most giant of giants.

A God-given dream is one of purpose, one of light, one that is given specifically to you and you alone. It comes with its challenges, but it is worth anything to see a life changed, one saved from an eternal death into the eternal light living with Jesus. It’s a dream where you trust Him with your calling, with your life and He continues to move like the wind. You may not see Him, but you can feel Him and experience Him and see Him blowing through in others’ lives. He is fitting all the puzzle pieces together day by day, creating each intricate detail of who we are and what our dream on this Earth is. He is constantly working in us because we are His sanctuary and there’s no greater joy than to spread His Word through the dream He has given to us.

Because of our dreams, fear will flee, the water will part, souls will be saved and relationships mended to which He gets all the glory for. That’s our mission here on Earth: to trust, love, encourage, show the mercy and grace of our sweet Jesus and live only for Him.


Don’t back down when this world tells you you can’t accomplish something on your heart because only God will truly know the impact it will make in someone’s life. When the enemy tries to shut you down or consume you with lies, be reminded that He wouldn’t be after you unless you were on fire for the Lord. Jesus, that’s a God-given dream. Allow us to trust you with your plans for us since you know what is best. amen!!  

Love Always,

Sarah Nicole                    

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