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Hi there! I’m Rachael, and I’m the blogger behind Kingdom Love! I started writing as a way to communicate with my Heavenly Father. And now it’s become my lifestyle. This is just a few of the things I have processed through in the past year or so on my walk with the Lord. I want to empower you to be able to be confident in these five things, and be able to walk them out-gracefully. My hope is to encourage you, and through that process I hope you begin to grow and thrive with confidence about who you are and who God is.


Your identity in God is the foundation on where all things thrive. Nothing is more beautiful or radiant than when a daughter realizes her royalty and defeats the core of hell with it. That’s exactly what you and I were born to do: shake all of hell with one word of the goodness of the Lord.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned with God, it’s that His best for me takes time. Flowers don’t start out as a seed one day and then the next bloom into a fully developed beautiful flower. They take time and go through seasons of rain and weather and sun and everything in between. But that waiting period of the “in between” is where the most growth happens. It’s where the roots develop.

Your process to get where God is preparing you to go is just as, if not more important than your final destination. Destinations are destinations. Processes are full of growth and spiritual maturity, which are necessary when it comes to getting closer and closer to Jesus.

  1.  Your process is too beautiful and too worth it for you to try and rush into a promise you can't fully understand yet.

     Please don't disregard the process. It's a gift and something that God honors. He won't let you move forward until He knows you're ready. Embrace it. Embrace the mundane with Heaven’s promises for you in mind. Keep pressing in and pressing on. Stop worrying about all the “what if’s” along the way, and shift your focus to “God’s got it.”


2) It's okay to hurt. But it's necessary for you to heal.

 At some point, you have to stop dwelling in the toxicity of the past and start healing from it. Start moving forward. Start letting those things go. And allow for Jesus to come and do what only He can do.

3) He is faithful.

 What you're going through is never too much for your Savior to handle. When you can't see more than what's right in front of you, He is faithful. He is faithful to bring everything to completion. He's faithful to every promise He makes. He's faithful to be who He says He is.

Lamentations 3:22-23

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” 


4) Joy isn't found when your needs are met or when your desires are filled. It's found in a person, and His name is Jesus.

Untainted, uninterrupted, unimaginable joy happens only in the person of Jesus. In His presence and His fullness- not when you are in the most perfect place and you have everything you want. Joy is something that you have authority to fight for. You don't let the enemy steal your joy. It's a gift from the One who made you. Take it and wear it like it belongs to you.


5) You are loved + accepted + beautiful + powerful + unique + fearless + strong + worthy + enough.

Your identity is the most powerful weapon you carry as a daughter. Your confidence in who you are shakes all of hell to the core. You have all of Heaven going before you, sister. All because you are a daughter and an heir to the throne of God. It's time to stop believing the lies from the enemy that try to defy your worth as anything less than what God already said, and start believing that the same God who walked the Earth 2000 years ago still walks with you today.

Xoxo, Rach.

If you'd like to reach out to Rachael please do! She loves conversing and learning other people's stories! 


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