I grew up surrounded by a family that always jammed together. Every holiday, party, or weekend music somehow found it’s way in the mix. I thought it was normal and all my friend’s families did the same. I quickly found out that that wasn’t the case. I was very shy growing up and would make my mom, or whoever listened to me sing turn around as I would share a “new hit”. It was usually a cheesy song about what I thought love was. Not many people in high school knew I sang. My biggest regret was leaving the Beauty and the Beast audition when I was 15 because I was so afraid what my peers would think of me. As I aged, I have learned- still learning- how to combat those vicious lies. I began performing more and recorded a few rough songs in my cousin’s basement prior to graduating high school. Nothing was consistent, but I was proud and passionate each time I worked on music.
I played small gigs throughout college and after graduating traveled the world doing missions work- guitar in hand.
Through it all, I have come to love what rhythms, harmonies, and lyrics can bring out. I love watching a crowd feel each note and sing along to each story.
It’s the most beautiful thing. 

In 2018, I continued to battle myself. Do I pursue this thing or not? Is it too late? Am I as good as people in my family or the people already out there?
Would anyone even want to hear what I have to say?
Those lies have spoken loud, but I have decided to speak back— through music.

In the last 27 years, I've learned- finally, that being you is enough. All the beautiful AND quirky things that come along with being human is what makes us perfect. It is human being not human perfect, right? I have also learned how much more we are capable of accomplishing. No matter how little money or self-esteem you have, you can do more.
It is possible. 

I could go another year wondering what would have happened if I stepped out of my comfort zone into the unknown or I could just do it. 

So, I’m just going for it- wherever it may lead me.

Thank you for being a lovely human and joining me on my journey.
You are loved and cherished. 



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